Cornell Cooperative Extension of Cortland County celebrates 4-H achievements

The following is a press release from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Cortland County. It has been published with permission from the author.


CORTLAND, N.Y. - 4-H members, leaders, family, and friends were in attendance to celebrate the closing of the 2016-2017, and beginning the new 4-H year.

Certificates, medals and recognition of Cortland County 4-H clubs and individual achievements was a big part of the evenings celebration to our youth and adults for their participation in many programs, events and projects throughout the 4-H year.

The program started out with fun activities and games in the reception area at the Cortlandville Grange in Homer, NY.  Starting the program at 6PM with our Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Sonya Helms, 4-H Teen Council President welcoming and introduced teen council members, Madison Clark and Emily Lehman as the flag presenters, and to lead the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge and the National Anthem sang by Ashley Osbeck.

2017 Hoard’s Dairyman Photo Judging Contest sponsored by the 4-H Dairy program recognizes Top club to County Cackleberries 4-H club and top individuals were 1st place to Elsie Donlick, 2nd place to Avery Gordinier, 3rd place to Annika Donlick, 4th place –Alice Tylutki and 5th place to Nate Crispell.

National 4-H Week displays from 4-H clubs around the county.  The Top Window display award receiving a $25 gift card to the National 4-H catalog was presented to Helping Hands 4-H Club.

Top Secretary certificates to those who submitted their club’s monthly reports by the 7th of the month on a regular basis.  Recognizing outstanding clubs were Country Explorers, Friendly Acres, Cincy Trailblazers, County Cackleberries, Super Seeks and Top Secretary Honor Award to Marathon Maple Sugars 4-H Club.

Community Service certificates awarded to outstanding 4-H clubs; County Cackleberries, Marathon Maple Sugars, Friendly Acres, Teen Council.  Special Honorable Mention to Cincy Trailblazers and Top Community Service award was presented to Helping Hands 4-H club

Honor Club certificates to outstanding club programming accomplishments; meetings, tours, 4-H promotion, community service, enrollment and recordkeeping. We recognize outstanding 4-H Club Achievement to Marathon Maple Sugars, R Own 4-H Saddle Club, and Helping Hands.

Top Honor Club recognition went to County Cackleberries 4-H Club receiving a $25.00 gift card to the National 4-H Catalog.

The most import 4-H experiences is participating in Public Presentations.  Club members learn to express themselves clearly and confidently.  Special recognition of the following clubs who participated were Friendly Acres, 4-H Teen Council, Super Seekers and County Cackleberries.

A special recognition plaque for qualifying for the State Level Public Presentation Program is Evan Perry member of the 4-H Teen Council Club.

Horticulture Educator Claudia Hitt recognized outstanding 4-H Youth in Horticulture and Vegetable areas. Horticulture and Youth Building awards - trophies, plaques, and cash awards.  

Outstanding 1st Year Exhibitor Vegetable Award – Gwyneth Scanlon

Top Vegetable Exhibitor Award – Donovan Allis      

Outstanding 1st Year Exhibitors Horticulture - Aida May Bosket & Gwyneth Scanlon

Top Ornamental Exhibitor Award – Thornton Allis

All-Around Horticulture & Vegetable Award  Thornton Allis

Horticulture Knowledge ContestTop Beginner – Thornton Allis          

2017 Medal Honor Recognition is given each year to members for their project accomplishments.  

Beef - Donovan Allis, Thornton Allis, Sam Birdsall, Avery Gordinier, Poultry- Cody Wilk, Aleta Gross, Avery Gordinier; Dairy- Rachel Eichorst, Brynn Poli, Sonya Helms; Dairy Goat- Sara Ortlieb; Horse- Lyndsie Babcock; Rabbit- Mary Rose, Marybeth Ortlieb, Erison Wilcox; Sheep- Thornton Allis, Abby Thomas; Swine-Connor McCloy, Nolan Weik; Gardening/Horticulture- Thornton Allis, Elsie Donlick, Annika Donlick; Photography- Bailey Wilcox, Joannah Rossnagel, Julia Gustafson; Public Speaking- Evan Perry, William Mathy, Erika Olsen, Sam Birdsall; Visual Arts- Devan Burritt, Rachel Eichorst, Aleta Gross; Wood Science-Connor McCloy, Cody Wilk; Tech & Engineering-Michael DuVall; Community Service-Megan Robison, Rachel Eichorst, Marybeth Ortlieb, Thornton Allis, Donovan Allis, Emily Lehman; Fashion Revue-Elsie Donlick, Annika Donlick; Tractor Safety-Michael DuVall, George Wherry, Megan Robison; Achievement-Elizabeth Ripley, Michaela Eichorst, Ashley Osbeck, Sonya Helms; Leadership-Sonya Helms, Emily Lehman; Clothing & Textiles-Joannah Rossnagel, Annika Donlick, Alice Tylutki, Ryleigh Scales; Cooking-Morgan Scales, Ryleigh Scales, Alice Tylutki, Erika Olsen; Home Environment-Annika Donlick, Elsie Donlick; Decorated Cake-Joannah Rossnagel, Rachel Houston.

Outstanding Recognition:  

A special plaque recognition to youth who have worked very hard this year achieving their goals in the Dairy, Agriculture, Livestock, and Horse areas.  

4-H Dairy Member Award - Annika Donlick        

4-H Livestock Member Award - Sam Birdsall

All-Around 4-H Member 12-14 - Annika Donlick

All-Around 4-H Member 12-14 - Sam Birdsall

All-Around 4-H Member 15-19 - Sonya Helms    

All-Around 4-H Member 15-19 - Avery Gordinier

To close the evening, the 4-H Teen Council members held a traditional Candlelight Ceremony and shared refreshments to end the evening.

Cooperative Extension staff would like to also thank our sponsors, volunteers, friends, grandparents, parents, alumni 4-H’ers, as well businesses that supported and sponsored trophies, plaques, and cash awards for the youth fair and year-end awards and making our 4-H year a success!