The Salvation Army of Cortland County steps up in this time of need

Major Misty Coffelt & Debra Holbrook (The Salvation Army), Les & Rob (Cortland County Highway Workers) Loading Truck for delivery. (Photo provided by Lt. Rebecca March).

This is a press release from the Salvation Army of Cortland County. 

The Salvation Army in Cortland County continues to be faithful to its mission of meeting human needs in the name of Jesus.

With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the last few weeks has brought many changes to The Salvation Army’s continued effort to serve Cortland County. In order to meet the demands for social distancing and ensure the greatest safety measures are in place to slow down the spread of COVID-19, The Salvation Army of Cortland County implemented an Emergency Food Assistance delivery service.

In the first two weeks alone 192 Cortland County Families received Emergency Food Assistance delivered straight to their homes. This represents a total of 612 individuals served and 667 food bags distributed depending on family size. The Salvation Army expressed that on average they serve 100 families a month under regular circumstances, and so the increase demonstrates the negative impact COVID-19 is having on some Cortland families and their ability to provide for their basic nutritional needs.

Lt. Rebecca March and Major Misty Coffelt personally delivered to these families, with the assistance of the Director of the United Way, Christella Yonta. This week, The Salvation Army, United Way and Catholic Charities have joined forces to continue this much needed service throughout the county. Cortland County has also joined the effort by providing drivers to help with the delivery of these much-needed Food Supplies.

Major Misty Coffelt (The Salvation Army) Packing food bags for delivery. (Photo provided by Lt. Rebecca March).

Lt. March said “As we work together, it is our hope that we will be able to serve our community more efficiently and provide for those who need it the most over the extended period of time it will take before life regains some sense of normalcy.”