Recyclable Material in Cortland County No Longer Being Sent to the County Landfill

Press release provided by Cortland County Deputy Clerk Savannah Hempstead.

Since February of 2020, following a fire that destroyed a registered material recycling facility (MRF) in Broome County, Cortland County has been temporarily depositing recycled materials into the County owned landfill due to the increased costs to County residents.

County Highway Superintendent, Charles Sudbrink, was happy to announce that, as of Thursday, June 3, 2021, the Cortland County Recycling Center will no longer bring recyclables to the County Landfill. The County has partnered with Southern Tier Recyclers, Inc. to process the County residents’ recycling.

Sudbrink would like to stress the importance of keeping contaminants out of the recyclables. Contaminants include, but are not limited to, items that are not properly cleaned (food residue) and items that are not recyclable (plastic bags, straws, bubble wrap, etc.). When the occurrence of contaminants becomes too great it can cause mechanical issues at the recycling facilities, as well as items being sent to the landfill, even though some item may be viable for recycling. The County would like to remind and encourage all residents to remember to:

  • Empty and rinse out all containers
  • Remove all lids, tops and caps from containers
  • Keep all trash out of recyclables
  • Separate out all glass

The County has received approval, and will be continuing to repurpose all recycled glass as required daily cover for the County Landfill. All glass will be collected the first full week of the month on your scheduled pick-up day for City residents. For information about the City recycling/trash pick-up days, please call the City Department of Public Works at (607) 756-6221. All other County residents may drop off their glass at the County Recycling Center, located at 137 ½ S. Pendleton Street, Cortland, NY 13045.

More information about what is accepted at the Cortland County Recycling Center can be located at