Cortland County High School Sports Recaps (May 5th)

Photo from earlier in the season: Homer Softball. (Photo Source: Stephen Yang of The Cortland Voice).

Here are some local high school varsity sports recaps from Thursday’s  events:

Varsity Softball: Homer vs. Cazenovia

The Homer Lady Trojans defeated Cazenovia 12-2 at home in order to improve to a 4-6 record. 

“The girls played a nice game tonight,” said Homer head coach Cris Colasurdo. “We knew we could play better than the first time we faced Cazenovia, so it was nice to see the girls make the plays and have some nice at bats.”

Homer was led by Cecelia Rappleyea (3 runs, 2 hits & 2 RBI’s), Alexandria Kellaway (2 runs, 3 hits & 3 RBI’s), Melina Hage (2 runs & 2 hits), Alexis Small (1 run), Lillian Luety (1 hit), Morgan Brown (1 RBI), Sara Cargen (1 hit), Catherine Apker (1 run), Jenna Henderson (1 run, 2 RBI’s & 3 strikeouts thrown), and Layla Read (1 run, 1 hit & 2 RBI’s).

Cazenovia was led by Paige Reilley (1 hit, 1 RBI & 1 strikeout thrown ), Lucy Bliss (1 run), Mya Skeele (1 run, 1 hit & 2 strikeouts thrown), Luka Galle (1 hit, 1 RBI & 1 strikeout thrown), and Riley Newcomb (1 hit). 

Up next, Homer will play against Fabius-Pompey on the road today (May 6th) at 4:30pm. 

Varsity Baseball: Marathon vs. Moravia

The Marathon Olympians lost 0-15 against Moravia on the road Thursday evening. 

Marathon was led by Braydin Drake (4 strikeouts thrown) and Austin Poth (1 strikeout thrown). 

Moravia was led by Aiden Kelly (2 hits, 2 RBI’s & 12 strikeouts thrown), Eli Landis (3 hits, 2 RBI’s & 4 runs), Luke Landis (2 hits, 4 RBI’s & 1 Homerun), Matt Gasner (2 hits & 2 runs), and Brendan Mason (1 hit, 1 RBI & 2 runs). 

“Aiden Kelly threw an amazing game,” said Marathon head coach Bryan Hoyt. “That kid can really pitch. He threw hard, had control, and worked on his breaking ball extremely well. Give credit to him; he pitched a great game. I’m happy with the effort level of my team. We played short-handed this week with the seniors all gone on their senior trip, and I thought the underclassmen really stepped up and played hard.” 

Marathon’s next game is scheduled to take place on Monday (May 9th) at Marathon High School against Groton. The game is set to begin at 4:30pm. 

Varsity Baseball: Homer vs. Marcellus

The Homer Trojans beat Marcellus 13-1 on the road Thursday night. With this win, the Trojans improved their overall record to a 9-4 record. 

Homer was led by Mitchell Earle (2 runs, 2 RBI’s & 7 strikeouts thrown), Joey Case (1 run & 1 hit), Tristan Allen (2 runs,1 hit & 1 RBI), Zander Johnson (1 run, 1 hit & 2 RBI’s), Braden Marsh (2 runs, 1 hit & 1 RBI), Jon Barnes (1 run & 2 RBI’s), Ian Gilbert (2 runs & 1 hit), Maddox Johnson (1 run & 2 RBI’s), Tanner Douglass (1 run, 2 hits & 2 RBI’s). 

Marcellus was led by Adam Sullivan (1 run & 1 hit), John Francesconi (6 strikeouts thrown), Ryder Donahue (1 strikeout thrown), and Daniel Mitchell (1 strikeout thrown). 

Up next, Homer will take on Jamesville-Dewitt at home this Saturday (May 7th) at 3:30pm. 

Varsity Boys Lacrosse: Cortland vs. Fulton

The Cortland Purple Tigers won their first game of the regular season with a score of 9-8 at home against Oswego Thursday night. With this win, Cortland now holds a 1-9 record. 

Cortland was led by Finn Thomas (1 goal), Ryan Kline (1 goal), Ben McGrath (5 goals & 2 assists), Joe Banewicz (2 goals), and Matt Honan (9 saves). 

Note: Individual stats for Fulton were not available by the time this article was written. 

Cortland’s next game is now scheduled to take place on Monday (May 9th) at home against Jamesville-Dewitt. The game will start at 6:30pm. 

Varsity Boys Lacrosse: Homer vs. Chittenango

The Homer Trojans improved to a 7-4 record after taking down Chittenango 20-10 on the road. 

Homer was led by Hunter Riehlman (8 goals & 3 assists), Reid Partis (3 goals & 3 assists),Wyatt Wilbur (3 goals & 1 assist), Jake Calabro (3 goals), Evan Butts (1 goal & 1 assist), Blair Wakula (1 goal & 1 assist), Sam Bieber (1 goal), Logan Goodman (1 assist), and Benjamin Bradhaw (15 saves). 

Chittenango was led by Conner Meeks-Vaughn (4 goals & 1 assist), Brendon Barnard (3 goals & 1 assist), Vincent Lazzaro (2 goals), Ethan Robles (1 goal), Alex Moesch (1 assist), and Daniel Eisinger  (7 saves). 

Up next, the Trojans will play against Cazenovia at home on Saturday (May 7th) at 3pm. 

Varsity Girls Lacrosse: Cortland vs. Fulton

The Cortland Lady Tigers lost a tough game against Fulton with a final score of 4-16. This loss, brings Cortland down to a 2-7 record. 

Cortland was led by Lillian Call (3 goals), Gabrielle Cranfield (3 assists), Olivia Magin (1 goal & 1 assist), and Hayden Bulger (5 saves). 

Fulton was led by Mya Carroll (5 goals & 3 assists), Bella Cary (3 goals), Addy Pickard (1 assist), Sydney Sachel (1 goal), Anna Bednarz (2 goals & 5 assists), Carleigh Patterson (5 goals & 2 assists), Ella Halladay (2 saves), and Nina Cunningham (1 save). 

Up next, Cortland will hit the road as they play Jamesville Dewitt on Saturday (May 7th) at 5pm. 

Varsity Girls Lacrosse: Homer vs. Chittenango

The Homer Lady Trojans defeated Chittenango 14-5, and improved their overall record to 9-2 Thursday night. 

Homer was led by Kloey Roos (5 goals & 1 assist), Hannah Slade (4 goals & 1 assist), Maria Partis (2 goals & 1 assist), Camryn Calabro (1 goal), Madison Wethje (1 goal), Gracie Patriarco (1 goal & 1 assist), and Sarah Sovocool (6 saves). 

Chittenango was led by Caitlyn Sgambellone (2 goals), Cara Kielbasa (1 goal & 1 assist), Tomi Newkirk (1 goal), Ashley O'Hara (1 goal & 1 assist), and Abby Penfield (6 saves). 

Homer’s next game will be played on the road against Christian Brothers Academy on Tuesday (May 10th) at 7pm. 

Varsity Boys Tennis: Homer vs. Phoenix

The Homer Trojans defeated Phoenix with an overall team score of 5-0 Thursday afternoon.

Here is a breakdown of Thursday’s matches: 

  • First Singles: Homer’s Spencer Rusyniak defeated Phoenix’s Liam Campanino (6-0 & 6-0). 
  • Second Singles: Homer’s Raymond Meng defeated Phoenix’s Isaiah Gordon (6-0 & 6-0). 
  • Third Singles: Homer’s Randolph Kruman beat Phoenix’s Cayden McKay (6-0 & 6-1). 
  • First Doubles: Homer’s Jake Camp and Conor Powers defeated Phoenix’s Ethan Bruno and Dylan Jones (6-0 & 6-1). 
  • Second Doubles: Homer’s Jackson Henderson and Brandon McLaughlin beat Phoenix’s Jason Hilton, Robert Reynolds (6-0 & 6-0).