Vote Robin Baez for the Marathon School Board on May 17th (Sponsored Content)

Dear Community Members.

My Name is Robin Baez, and I am running for school board. If you are not sure who I am, let me introduce myself.  

I am a mom of three boys, and all three are currently in high school. One is a senior, one is a junior, and my third son is a freshman.  My boys have gone to school in Marathon since 2008, when my oldest started Head Start.  

Robin Baez's sons. (Photo Source: Robin Baez)

I have volunteered with the school throughout my time. I have also worked with Marathon PTSA as a member and served as President from  2015-2020. Projects that I’ve worked on with the Marathon PTSA and played a big role in are Race For Education, 6th Grade Graduation Photo Wall, and the PTSA Senior Scholarship.

I am currently the President of the Marathon Music Boosters organization. You can find me walking with the band. I'm the loud mom with a snack & water carrier. I watch over the students as if they are my own. Some call me "Momma B".

In my term on the school board, I will work to make sure our kids are safe and get the quality education they deserve. I will also encourage open communication between the public and the board. I also urge the community to feel free to express any of their concerns to me when I serve on the board.

On May 17th, please let your voice be heard. Be sure to write-in "Robin Baez", if you support a candidate who is invested in our students' futures.

I look forward to serving on the Marathon Board of Education, and working with the community of Marathon. 

Robin Baez

Robin Baez.(Photo Source: Timothy A. Bennett/Owner & Publisher of The Cortland Voice)

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