Homer Trojans Get Homecoming Win vs. ITC Syracuse (Photos of the Game & Festivities Included)

Homer vs. ITC Syracuse at Homer’s Homecoming Game. (Photo provided by Kaitlyn Hession).

The Homer Trojans improved their unbeaten record to 4-0 after defeating ITC Syracuse 41-21 at Homecoming Friday night. Homer is currently ranked 7th in the state for Class B.

When asked about how the team prepared for such an important home game, Homer Head Coach Gary Podsiedlik said, “We prepare every week like we’re going to play the best team we are going to face all year.” 

“Ultimately, it always comes down to us, meaning that we have to perfect our game,” he added. “We have to improve and learn from the mistakes we’ve made in the past. If we do that, and sincerely come together, believe in each other, and trust that our buddies will try to do their jobs, even if they make a mistake; we will get the job done.” 

Homer’s points were scored by Hunter Riehlman (1 receiving touchdown & 1 two-point conversion), Sam Sorenson (3 rushing touchdowns), Bryce Hoffmann (1 receiving touchdown), Wyatt Wilbur (2 touchdown passes & 1 rushing touchdown), Isaiah McMahon (1 2-point conversion), and Laramy Velazquez-Ramires (1 extra point kick). 

ITC’s points were scored by Tyshawn Taylor (1 receiving touchdown & 1 fumble recovery touchdown after reception), Anderson Rodriguez (1 receiving touchdown), Stephon Cunningham (1 two-point conversion), Prince Perry (3 touchdown passes), and Dameco Jefferson (1 extra point kick)

Homer’s offense was led by Sam Sorenson (299 rushing yards), Jeffrey Stauber (62 rushing yards), Wyatt Wilbur (40 passing yards & 34 rushing yards), and Hunter Riehlman (31 receiving yards). 

Homer’s defense was led by Dominic Burlingame (2 tackles & 1 sack), Sam Sorenson (8 tackles), and Ethan Knight (2 interceptions). 

Here is a score breakdown of last night’s game: 

Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Homer 20 0 15 6 41
ITC 7 0 6 8 21


After winning the game in front of a full crowd, coach Podsiedlik said “I would like to say thank you to our community for the support and positive attitude in this often pessimistic world. Our parents, spectators, and our student body have been amazing this year. We are lucky to be where we are. We are fortunate to be in this privileged position to have the chance to play sports in school. Football is really well treated by our fans, family and community.” 

Homer’s next game will be played on the road against Indian River on Friday (October 7th) at 7pm. 

Homecoming Awards

Golden Helmet

At the game, classes from freshmen to seniors had their yearly “Golden Helmet” competition, which is awarded to the class with the most school spirit during Homecoming week. 

This year’s "Golden Helmet" winners were the freshman class of 2026. 

Best Banner 

Homer Seniors (2022 Homecoming banner winners). (Photo provided by Kaitlyn Hession).

This year’s theme for the class banners competition was “music”, where all four class years made banners based on various bands and artists such as Queen, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, and Dolly Parton. 

This year’s class banner winners were the senior class of 2023. 

Homecoming King and Queen

Homecoming King (Sam Sorenson) and Queen (Melina Hage). (Photo provided by Kaitlyn Hession).

This year’s Homecoming King and Queen were Sam Sorenson (King) and Melina Hage (Queen).

Here are some more photos of last night’s game and festivities (Photos provided by Kaitlyn Hession):