City: Man attempts to cash fake check at local bank

(Photo via Unsplash).

A man recently attempted to cash a fake check at a local bank, according to a report.

The Cortland police report noted that Matthew S. Clark, of Truxton, attempted to cash a fake check over $900 at the NBT Bank in the city on Tuesday.

The bank teller quickly noticed the fake check and the fake identification that Clark was using. When the bank teller verified that the check was fake, Clark left without the money, the report noted.

City police officers tracked down Clark a short distance from the bank. It was discovered that the check belonged to an undisclosed business and was not issued to Clark.

The report noted that through further investigation, several other checks are missing from the business where Clark used to work. Several checks have been cashed in other locations outside Cortland.

The report stated that Clark was also found to be in possession of a “small amount” of drugs.

Clark was arrested and charged with second-degree possession of a forged instrument (a Class-D Felony), fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property (a Class-E Felony), second-degree identity theft (a Class-E Felony), fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property (a Class-A Misdemeanor) and seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance (a Class-A Misdemeanor).

Clark was arraigned and sent to the Cortland County Sheriff’s Office due to an unrelated warrant for his arrest. He is due to appear in Cortland city court at a later date.