YWCA Cortland needs your help (Sponsored Content)

YWCA Cortland. (Photo via Inclusive Recreation Resource Center).

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YWCA Cortland seeks community support and input via an online survey in preparation for submitting a historic preservation grant application later in the summer.

The survey is open to all community members through June 10. If awarded a grant, the YWCA will shore up the exteriors of the Randall building, which the organization acquired in 1919, and preserve a historic building to ensure another 100 years of serving the needs of the Cortland community.

YWCA Cortland’s building at 14 Clayton Avenue is listed on the state and federal registers of historical places and is also part of the Downtown Cortland Historic District. The original building was the home of Billy P. Randall, son of Roswell Randall who developed most of downtown Cortland with his brother William Randall.

To learn more about the history of YWCA Cortland and the Randall building, people can check out Saving The Past For The Future by YWCA Cortland member Andrea Rankin. This presentation features a special look at over 100 years of YWCA Cortland’s history in the community and its accomplishments.

For additional information, people may contact Robyn Hayes, Director of Development, at 607-753-9651. They can visit the YWCA Cortland website at cortlandywca.org or scan the QR code to take the survey.