Change in leadership at the SPCA; current employees promoted

(Photo via Unsplash).

The Cortland County SPCA has made a change in leadership by promoting members of its current staff, a move made by the organization’s board of directors.

Tiffany Ackerman and William Carr, both longtime employees of the county SPCA, have been promoted as co-executive directors of the organization. Ackerman will serve as the executive director of shelter operations, while Carr will take on the role of executive director of law enforcement.

“Both Tiffany Ackerman and William Carr share a unified vision for increased community interaction, humane education, operational efficiency and innovative approaches to fulfill the SPCA’s mission,” stated in a release. “Their goal is to provide comprehensive support to the community and animals while ensuring financial stability and continuity for the Cortland County SPCA.”

Ackerman has been with SPCA for 12 years. She has committed to various roles with the organization, including assistant shelter manager, dog care coordinator, and office and kennel staff.

Ackerman has contributed to SPCA’s key programs, such as the low-cost spay/neuter program, adoption and foster initiatives, and has played a vital role in shaping procedures and best practices. She has also provided per-diem support to the executive director and SPCA’s law enforcement department.

Carr has been associated with the SPCA since 2002, beginning as a volunteer in the law enforcement department. He has a background as an auxiliary police officer and security supervisor in Onondaga County.

Carr played a crucial role in the SPCA’s law enforcement department, contributing to his expertise in various positions within the organization. He has enforced New York state animal cruelty laws, and educated staff and law enforcement officers. Carr’s efforts have extended to being a liaison for judicial and municipal officials, departments, agencies, law enforcement departments and other non-profit organizations.