Cortland County High School Sports Recaps (May 4th); Blair Mulcahy throws 100th career strikeout

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McGraw Baseball’s Blair Mulcahy threw his 100th career strikeout in McGraw’s win over General Brown on Saturday (May 4th). Photo from The Cortland Voice’s 2024 Spring Media Day.

Here are some local high school varsity sports recaps from Saturday’s events:

Varsity Baseball: McGraw vs. General Brown



The McGraw Eagles defeated General Brown with a score of 8-4 in order to improve to an overall record of 8-2. 

According to McGraw head coach Corey Wilson, “Sophomore Blair Mulcahy earned his 100th career strikeout. He accomplished this pitching milestone in the first inning.”

McGraw was led by Blair Mulcahy (2 runs, 3 hits & 4 RBI’s & 5 strikeouts thrown), Calob Sutton (3 runs & 1 hit), Brennan Wilson (1 run & 2 hits), Owen Mulchay (1 run & 1 hit), Foster Eaton (1 run & 1 hit), Thomas Lea (2 RBI’’s), Jaydon Bassett (1 RBI & 2 strikeouts thrown), and Riley VanLiew (1 hit).

General Brown was led by Lucas Doldo (1 run, 3 hits & 2 RBI’s), Brock McManaman (2 runs & 1 hit), Aiden McManaman (1 run & 1 hit), Justice Robertson (1 hit & 3 strikeouts thrown), Jackson Ward (1 hit), Bennett Eichhorn (1 hit), and Jackson Keefer (1 strikeout thrown). 

McGraw is now scheduled to play on the road against Stockbridge Valley on Tuesday (May 7th) at 4:30pm. 

Varsity Baseball: Otselic Valley-Cincinnatus vs. LaFargeville



The Otselic Valley-Cincinnatus baseball team improved to a 3 game winning streak after beating LaFargeville on Saturday with a score of 18-5. 

Otselic Valley-Cincinnatus was led by Braeden Davis (4 total runs, 1 home-run, 3 hits & 3 RBI’s), Avram Moses (3 runs, 2 hits & 1 RBI), Caleb Loomis (3 runs, 1 hit & 1 RBI), Lukas Schieferstein (3 total runs, 1 home-run & 3 hits), Oliver Marshall (2 runs, 1 hit & 4 strikeouts thrown), Deven Maxson (2 hits & 3 RBI’s), Manuel Gonzalez-Lantaron (1 run, 1 hit & 1 RBI), and Troy Miller (2 runs, 2 hits & 3 RBI’s).  

Note: LaFargeville’s stats were not made available by the time this article was written. 

The now 4-4 Otselic Valley-Cincinnatus baseball team will play against Mater Dei Academy on the road this upcoming Wednesday (May 8th) at 4:30pm. 

Varsity Softball: McGraw vs. General Brown



The McGraw Lady Eagles won 10-9 against General Brown after playing an extra inning on Saturday. With this win, McGraw improved to an overall record of 3-5. 

McGraw was led by Remington Stull (3 runs, 4 hits, 1 RBI & 4 strikeouts thrown), Katelynn Millard (2 hits & 2 RBI’s), Josslyn Eaton (3 runs & 3 hits), Bristol Eastman (1 run & 4 hits), Leah Terwilliger (1 run, 1 hit & 1 RBI), Haylee Bassett (1 hit), Madison Sweeney (1 run, 2 hits & 1 RBI), Hannah Wilson (1 run, 3 hits & 3 RBI’s), Camdyn Caperton (1 RBI), and Abby Lakie (3 strikeouts thrown). 

Note: General Brown’s stats were not made available by the time this article was written. 

Up next, McGraw is scheduled to host Fabius-Pompey at Blodgett Mills today (May 6th) at 4:30pm. 

Varsity Girls Lacrosse: Homer vs. East Syracuse Minoa (ESM)



The Homer girls’ lacrosse team defeated East Syracuse Minoa (ESM) with a score of 14-12 on Saturday. With this win, Homer improved to an overall record of 8-4. 

Homer was led by Maria Partis (5 goals, 1 assist & 3 ground balls), Ella Spanbauer (6 goals & 1 ground ball), Emma Effinger (2 goals & 1 assist), Isabelle Small (1 goal & 1 ground ball), Lilly Sorenson (1 assist), Taryn Quinn (2 ground balls), Gracie Newman (1 ground ball), Caitlin McCloy (1 ground ball), Caleigh Stone (1 ground ball), Kiera Hooper (1 ground ball), and Aislynn Cobb (1 ground ball & 9 saves). 

ESM was led by Liliana DiNatale (3 goals & 2 ground balls), Madison Wood (4 goals & 1 ground ball), Sophia Ferns (1 goal & 3 ground balls), Jordis Aldrich (2 goals), Laila Thomas (3 ground balls), Morgan Purcell (2 goals), Halie Amodio (1 ground ball), Laura Markert (1 ground ball), and Lila O'Brien (6 saves). 

Homer’s next game will be played on the road against Marcellus this Tuesday (May 7th) at 6pm. 

Varsity Boys Lacrosse: Homer vs. Auburn



The Homer Trojans fell to an overall record of 7-4 after losing to Auburn with a score of 12-9. 

Homer was led by Daniel Stiles (1 goal & 2 assists), Gabriel O'Connor (1 goal & 1 ground ball), Jack Brady (1 goal, 1 assist & 2 ground balls), Alexander Votra (1 goal & 3 ground balls), Mason Potter (1 goal & 1 ground ball), Cooper Swartz (1 goal, 1 assist & 2 ground balls), Brycen Poole (1 assist & 2 ground balls), Liam O'Connor (6 ground balls), Wyatt Wilbur (1 goal & 3 ground balls), Anthony Guido (1 goal), Christopher Slade (1 goal), Logan Stauber (4 ground balls), Kyle Wright (2 ground balls), Mason McCall (2 ground balls), Kaden Durham (1 ground ball), and Benjamin Bradshaw (1 assist & 12 saves).  

Note: Auburn’s stats were not made available by the time this article was written. 

Up next, Homer will play Marcellus at Homer high school on Tuesday (May 7th) at 7pm. 

Varsity Boys Tennis: Homer vs. Mexico

The Homer Trojans lost against Mexico with a team score of 4-1 on Saturday. 

Here are the individual results from each match: 

  • 1st Singles: Brayden Clark (Homer) defeated Samuel Britton (Mexico) - (6-1) & (6-2)
  • 2nd Singles: Cooper Layaw (Homer) lost against Kevin Perlet (Mexico) - (5-7), (7-5) & (5-7)
  • 3rd Singles: Enzo Spada (Homer) lost to Owen Gilbert (Mexico) - (0-6) & (3-6)
  • 1st Doubles: Max Totman & Caleb Hanson (Homer) lost to Edward Schroeder Jr. & William Mills (Mexico) - (1-6) & (3-6)
  • 2nd Doubles: Nicolas Barbieri & Lucas Barbieri (Homer) lost against Parker Jock & Calum Forbes (Mexico) - (6-7), (6-4) & (7-10 tiebreaker)

Varsity Boys Tennis: Cortland vs. Phoenix & Skaneateles

The Cortland Purple Tigers lost against Skaneateles with a team score of 3-1, and tied with Phoenix with a team score of 2-2. 

  • 1st Singles: Tyler Cranfield won both of his matches. He won 10-3 against Skaneateles, and beat Phoenix  10-0. 
  • 2nd Singles: Jeremie Hale Jr. lost against Skaneateles (1-10) and lost against Phoenix (8-10). 
  • 3rd Singles: Wrangler VanSlyke lost against Skaneateles (4-10) and defeated Phoenix (10-3)
  • 1st Doubles: Andre Myers & Sai Patel lost against Skaneateles (0-10) and lost to Phoenix in a tie breaker (9(3)-9(7))


(Note: Cortland County Coaches send scores & stats for us to use for our recaps. If a team’s game recap was not shown in this article, it’s because scores and stats of their game were not made available to us by the time this article was published).


A special thank you goes to Visions Federal Credit Union for partnering with us to provide the greater Cortland County community with additional sports coverage